Registration for intensive modules

Intensive modules take place during the intersemestrial periods (winter and summer).

Depending on the language, various sessions and types of intensive modules are available:

  • During the winter intersemestrial period, generally a 1-week course (6 periods per day)
  • During the summer intersemestrial period, generally a 2-week course (4 periods per day)
  • French: during the winter and summer intersemestrial period, a 2-week course, (3 periods per day).

For details (dates, registration deadlines, etc.), see the pages on the intensive modules for each language.


Online registration:

  • Click on “Online registration”, which you will find on our website.
  • The program will ask you for identification: this consists of your user name and password for your EPFL email address
  • Choose the intensive module you are interested in – NB: look closely at the dates posted to be sure they are suitable for you
  • Provide all the detailed information that is asked for – this will help us to place you at the best
  • Do the placement test (except if you are a complete beginner).

All the requested details are important and will enable us to place you in the most appropriate course. This will depend on your level, objectives and availability etc. Please complete this file carefully and note that the placement test is compulsory (except if you are an absolute beginner or have completed the test recently).

You can interrupt the process at any time and go back to it later. Pre-registration is completed and accessible at the Language Centre once you confirm at the final stage. You can no longer modify it (access for consultation purposes only).

If you are not a member of the EPFL but have access to our courses (collaborators of the Confederation, spouse of a student or collaborator), you can set up an account and receive ID allowing you to register.

However, this is only a pre-registration, which does not guarantee you a place in a group.

Registration and group formation

Based on the results of your placement test and other information you have provided, our teachers will determine your level.

The level of the group modules that will be opened depends on the registrations; everyone who registers is not necessarily placed.

At the very latest 1 week before the module begins:

  • If a group is opened at your level, you will receive a confirmation by email (your EPFL email address)
  • If a group at your level is not opened, you will receive an email notifying you that your registration has been cancelled
  • As soon as you receive this email, however, you may also come to the Language Centre to try to find a solution.