Online Registration

Important information to read before registration

This page contains important information. Please read it carefully before registering for the first time at the Language Centre. If you are already familiar with the procedure, you can register directly.

Who is allowed to register for modules in the Language Centre?

The following people can register for modules at the Language Centre:

  • EPFL and PHD students: financed by the EPFL
  • EPFL employees / Persons considered equivalent to EPFL employees: courses will be billed to you (authorisation required)
  • Spouses/partners of EPFL employees and students: French courses only and courses will be billed to you (authorisation required)
  • Collaborators de la Confederation: courses will be billed to you (authorisation required)

For those of you who do not have a Gaspar account (Spouses/partners of EPFL employees and students and Collaborators of the Confederation): if you are registering for the first time, the first step will be for you to set up an account; you will then receive ID which will allow you pre-register (keep this ID, as you will be able to use it later).

Registration information

Allow enough time for pre-registration. You can, however interrupt the process at any time and come back to it later. Once you have confirmed, you will no longer be able to modify your personal file online (consultation only will be possible).

To register, select the desired module. The final decision, however, depends on your level and will be determined by the teaching staff of the Language Centre, based on different elements of the online registration (self assessment, questions, placement tests). The placement test is obligatory (unless you are a beginner or have taken the test recently).

It is important to indicate your maximum availability (if it has been asked for) as timetables are fixed according to the availability of participants.

Groups are opened according to the number of inscriptions; it is possible that there may be no group at your level.

You will receive an email in the days following the registration deadline informing you of your situation. If you are not initially placed in a group, please come to the Language Centre immediately so we can try to find a suitable solution for you.

You can also consult your file on Internet.


You may register for 3 different languages. Please note, however:

  • You will be placed in a maximum of 2 groups
  • Assignment to a group cannot be guaranteed as it will depend on both the timetable and the number of classes opened

For the semester modules, you may register for one module per language. If you are not placed, please come to the Language Centre immediately – i.e. as soon as you receive email notification – to discuss other possibilities such as the waiting list.

The registration deadline is final. We take no further inscriptions after this.

You will be able to choose anytime in which language (English or French) you wish the registration instructions to appear and change your choice during the process.

By registering, you undertake to follow the course regularly and entirely, and to excuse yourself in case of an unavoidable absence.