Assessment and promotion of courses followed

ECTS Credits

The Language Centre awards 3 ECTS credits for its semester courses. Requirements are defined for each module and credits awarded on the basis of continuous assessment.

With the exception of French for the following student categories, credits are not awarded for intensive modules: exchange (IN), Master (IN), Swiss-German and Swiss-Italian students.

EPFL Bachelor and Master Students:

Credits awarded by the Language Centre are not accepted for EPFL Bachelor and Master courses.

EPFL Exchange (IN) / Master (IN) / PhD (IN) / Swiss-German and Swiss-Italian Students:

The French intensive modules take place every year in August/September. For all questions concerning recognition of the 3 ECTS credits awarded, please contact your home university.

EPFL PhD Students:

The Doctoral School validate 2 ECTS for those students who have followed the “Academic Writing for Doctoral Students” module, and who have successfully fulfilled all course requirements.

The Doctoral School will similarly validate 1 ECTS credit for the module “Presenting Research in English“.

From Autumn 2018, the Doctoral School will similarly validate 1 ECTS credit for the module
Coaching for Communicating in English in an Academic Context“.

Preparing a 180-second Thesis Presentation in English for Doctoral Students” is recognized by the EPFL Doctoral School. Conditions for obtaining 1 ECTS credit are as follows:

1) Participation in either course (language of instruction French or English)

2) Participation in selection for the final and achievement of a grade corresponding to at least 4 out of 6.


Assessment requires students to assemble a European Language Portfolio (ELP) during the semester:

  • It covers various aspects: the modules focus on communicative activities (reading, writing, speaking, listening), the intercultural communication skills, the capacity for life-long learning, the ability to document your plurilingual profile in an ELP
  • Various types of assessment are used: assessment by the teacher, by the other learners, self assessment
  • There are various aids to assessment: tasks, tests, reflective texts on the learning process, checklist, etc.

Promotion of courses followed

In order to highlight your plurilingual profile, courses followed at the Language Centre are either:

  • mentioned on the Diploma Supplement (i.e. if ECTS credits have been awarded, see point 6)
  • appear on the Statement of Results