Independent learning

English – French – German – Italian

Multimedia Centre for Personalised Learning – Free-access EMA

In order to continue your language study independently, the Language Centre offers, on an almost daily basis, free-access periods in the Multimedia Centre. You can:

  • go freely (without an appointment) – see the opening times
  • benefit from the resources which have been specially devised for independent language learning
  • easily find learning activities which correspond to your level and needs
  • make use of information and tools in order to better manage your learning through free acces.

Someone is present to help you understand how the room works and how to find printed materials.


Tandems are organised and set up within the framework of the Tandem Program of the Arts Faculty/EFLE.

  • Tandem is two people of different mother tongues who meet regularly to teach each other their respective languages
  • Objective: to progress independently in a language, not only by language training but also by cultural discoveries
  • The two partners agree to a specific period of time and choose the pace, meeting place and content of their language learning.

Tandem is a good way of supplementing free access periods in the Multimedia Centre.