Italian – Guided autonomy

Independent learning in the Multimedia Centre (EMA) – guided autonomy

This type of independent study provides the opportunity to:

    • learn in a manner adapted to one’s personal needs
    • use tools to analyse those needs, plan objectives and assess one’s progress
    • become familiar with new learning strategies and find appropriate material

It is designed for students at A1/A2 or above and consists of:

    • 3 interviews per semester (1st and 3rd interview: 60 minutes; 2nd interview: 30 minutes)
    • 2 periods per week in the Multimedia Centre (1 registered period + 1 free-access period)
    • personal work (agreed on with the tutor in accordance with your personal objectives)

Pedagogical support includes:

    • the 3 interviews, which serve to set up a study plan in accordance with your personal objectives and to provide both an intermediate and final assessment of your progress
    • access to teacher input during the registered session in the Multimedia Centre
    • registration to a Moodle platform (for all practical information)
    • online back-up via the PlurieL website and/or email contact with your tutor

Although some of the tasks can be completed at home, those requiring access to multimedia material have to be done in the Multimedia Centre. (Room CE 2 347)

Learning through guided autonomy is an individual process. The role of your tutor is to guide you when planning and managing your study within the structure of the module.

Level required from A1/A2 (Description)
Module lasts 12 weeks per semester
Periods in the Multimedia Centre 2 periods per week :

  • 1 period reserved online
  • 1 period in free-access
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