Italian – Guided autonomy

Independent learning in the Multimedia Centre (EMA) – guided autonomy

This module allows you to learn or improve skills in the language through individual work in the Multimedia Centre for Personalised Learning (EMA) and, to some extent, in your own home, without attending a group module.

Before beginning this module, you meet a tutor so as to establish a framework for your learning, a framework which takes into account your personal objectives and the time you have available.

An introductory session allows you to discover:

  • the other learners – who they are, what they do
  • working environment – find material to attain your personal objectives, familiarize yourself with the virtually monitored PlurieL space, etc.
  • how to make the most of your individual learning – organizing your time, developing listening strategies, evaluating your work, etc.
  • how to build up a European Language Portfolio

Two interviews (either individual or in a group) permit you to assess your intermediate and final progress in the autonomous learning module.

This module consists of periods in the Multimedia Centre (2 periods – 1 reserved online by student and 1 free access – per week) and a pedagogic framework comprising:

  • 3 30-minute interviews with your advisor
  • Virtual space (PlurieL) and/or monitoring by email

Although some of the tasks can be completed at home, those requiring access to multimedia material have to be done in the Multimedia Centre. (Room CE 2 347)

The guided independent learning module consists of individual study and you must not consider your tutor to be your private teacher.

Level required from A1/A2 (Description)
Module lasts 12 weeks per semester
Periods in the Multimedia Centre 2 periods per week :

  • 1 period reserved online
  • 1 period in free access
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