Deutsch am Arbeitsplatz for staff members

Learning outcomes
  • To communicate in everyday business situations; to argue, account for and sustain one’s point of view; to discuss with colleagues
  • To give a talk within one’s specific professional field
  • To read complex texts within the field of business and grasp the most important points
  • To write well-structured professional texts with a certain degree of grammatical correctness and in an appropriate style (summaries, description of a graph, minutes, CV, etc.)
  • To behave appropriately in everyday professional situations, taking into account intercultural differences
  • To make use of independent learning strategies
Level required from A2 (Description)
Module lasts 13 weeks per semester
Periods 2 periods in a group per week
Timetable Established according to participants’ availability.
Dates and deadline For more information.
Module fees For more information.