German – Integrated skills modules

The objectives of the “integrated skills” modules are to enable participants:

  • to begin to learn a new language
  • to develop existing skills and make them more specific

These modules are principally based on communication and the development of skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing) enabling the learner to use the language in various contexts and for various objectives. Cultural and intercultural aspects as well as the ability to learn independently are all integral parts of these modules.

The methods and activities are varied and interesting: discussions, listening exercises, role-plays, language games, videos, reflection on the learning process, etc.

Levels Complete beginner to C2 (Description)
Modules last 13 weeks per semester
Number of periods Beginner to A2: 2 periods in a group and 2 periods in the Multimedia Centre for Personalised Learning (1 of which in ‘free access’) per week

A2/B1 to B2: 2 periods in a group and 1 period in the Multimedia Centre for Personalised Learning per week

B2/C1 to C2: 2 periods in a group per week

Timetable Established according to participants’ availability.
Dates and deadline For more information.
Module fees For more information.