Development Project in Africa: Action and Communication

Projet de développement en Afrique : S’informer et communiquer

Learning outcomes
  • To obtain information and exploit resources in order to devise a concrete collaborative project
  • To analyse, report and compare different points of view concerning recent events or social phenomena in connection with the problem in question
  • To argue, debate and orally take a stand about problems linked to the project and, in addition, generate scientific hypotheses
  • To undertake written and oral correspondence with the authorities in charge of the project
  • To present the facts and decisions in the form of reports, syntheses or files demonstrating a certain degree of accuracy and an appropriate style
Level required from B2 (Description)
Module lasts 13 weeks per semester
Periods 2 periods in a group per week
Timetable Established according to participants’ availability.
Dates and deadline For more information.
Module fees For more information.