Academic Writing for Doctoral Students

Learning outcomes
  • To use the types of knowledge and information management needed for thesis writing
  • To know how to report quantitative and qualitative research and how to use references and citation without plagiarism
  • To write clear, well-structured academic texts of some length, with a high degree of grammatical accuracy and in an appropriate style (articles, dissertations, etc.)
  • To apply the conventions, language and principles of academic writing in one’s own field
  • To demonstrate skills in synthesizing and evaluating research information
  • To understand intercultural differences in research writing
  • To edit one’s own and colleagues’ texts, providing constructive feedback and improving them stylistically and grammatically
This course is intended for PhD students only.
Level required from B2 (Description)
Module lasts 13 weeks per semester
Periods 2 periods in a group per week
Timetable Established according to participants’ availability.
Dates and deadline For more information.
Module fees For more information.