Proficiency (CPE)

This Cambridge English serves as a language qualification for entry to the majority of universities in the English-speaking world.
Learning outomes
  • To express oneself spontaneously, fluently and precisely in social, professional and academic contexts; to convey finer shades of meaning in dealing with complex subjects; to backtrack and restructure in a natural way
  • To understand without effort all text types whether or not they relate to one’s own field, even those which are propositionally and linguistically complex
  • To understand without difficulty complex spoken language in a range of contexts, and to take accurate notes
  • To reconstruct facts and arguments from written sources in such a way that the overall result is a coherent summary
  • To write complex, clear, well-structured texts in an appropriate style, adapted to the target reader (letters, reports, essays, reviews, etc.)
  • To be aware of the socio-cultural implications of the language used by other speakers and to react accordingly
  • To apply learning and exam management strategies
Level required C2 (Description)
Module lasts 13 weeks per semester
Periods 2 periods in a group and 1 period of ‘free access’ in the Multimedia Centre for weekly private study.
Timetable Established according to participants’ availability.
Dates and deadline For more information.
Module fees For more information.
For additional information Please consult the Cambridge Assessment English website.