Courses offered

English – French – German – Italian

Specific skills

The “specific skills” modules aim to develop specific language skills and the competence necessary to participate with more ease in academic, professional or social life.

Integrated skills

The objectives of the “integrated skills” modules are to enable participants :

  • to begin to learn a new language
  • to develop existing skills and make them more specific

These modules are principally based on communication and the development of skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing) enabling the learner to use the language in various contexts and for various objectives. Cultural and intercultural aspects as well as the ability to learn independently are all integral parts of these modules.

Exam option

Modules in preparation for external international exams (Cambridge English, Goethe, etc.) aim to help students pass the exams which may be both necessary for academic mobility and useful in the world of work.

They focus on listening, reading, speaking and writing.


The intensive courses offer, over a very short period of time, the possibility of widening your general communicative skills; (listening, speaking, reading, writing) through a variety of stimulating activities. These include discussions, listening exercises, role-play, games, videos and reflection on learning.

Guided autonomy

Tutor-aided Guided Autonomy allows you to pursue your language learning via private study and to focus on your specific needs, partly in the Multimedia Centre and partly outside. A language teacher is assigned to assist you with your work.

In the Multimedia Centre, the Pluriel platform provides all necessary support concerning how to use the material available, locate activities and organise your study.

Independent learning – no registration required

In order to allow you to continue your language studies independently of a place in a group module, the Language Centre offers almost daily free-access periods in the Multimedia Centre. You may go at any time (no need to register) and benefit from resources specially designed for autonomous language study.

You will be able to easily locate activities corresponding to your level and needs, as well as the information and tools designed to help you manage the learning process in this free-access option.

Someone will be on hand to help you understand how the EMA works and how to access the material.